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Jun 1, 2018
The Essentials of Working with LGBT Clients and/or Students
Facilitated by Dr. Kevin Alderson





PAA Presents

The Essentials of Working with LGBT Clients and/or Students

(Facilitated by Dr. Kevin Alderson)





Psychologists and professionals working with LGBT individuals or students doing assessments, counselling, and/or clinical work. 




Queer individuals include those who define as LGBT but also those with other alternate sexual and gender identities. Queer youth are disclosing their identities today at unprecedented levels compared to even 5 years ago.


How do you treat queer youth so that your practice is considered ethical and sound? What do you need to know before assessing or counselling this group, and during your clinical work with them?


Dr. Alderson will look at the plethora of queer identity labels and what these mean, and some of the anticipated requests that may result from those who so identify. The unique issues of queer youth will also be included and strategies for dealing with them. This talk will also explore the implications of these identities as they pertain to typical and atypical child development.




  • Become familiar with current terminology in sexual and gender diversity.
  • Increase awareness of multicultural competency (i.e., affirming attitudes and beliefs, knowledge, and specialized skills).
  • Become knowledgeable about affectional orientation, gender orientation and expression, gender dysphoria, treatment options, and the newly-validated revised Sexuality Questionnaire.
  • Learn about other assessment strategies with LGBT children and adolescents.




Focus on Sexual Diversity

8:30 am           Introductions and Overview of Agenda

8:45 am           Challenging your Beliefs

9:15 am           The Multicultural Counselling Framework

9:30 am           The Ecological Model of Queer Identity

9:35 am           Affectional and Sexual Orientation

9:45 am           The Sexuality Questionnaire and Its Use in Research and Clinical Practice

10:00 am         Non-Binary Sexual Identities

10:15 am         Practice Session in Dyads/Tryads

10:30 am         Break

10:45 am         Discussion of Practice Session

11:00 am         Assessment and Clinical Practice with Sexually-Diverse Youth

11:45 am         Questions and Discussion


Focus on Gender Diversity

1:30 pm           Overview of Agenda

1:40 pm           Gender Orientation and Gender Expression

2:00 pm           DSM-5 Criteria for Gender Dysphoria and the International Standards of Care

2:15 pm           The Gender Dysphoria Continuum

2:30 pm           Who Comprises the Transgender Community, and What Defines Each Group?

2:45 pm           Non-Binary Gender Identities

3:00 pm           Practice Session in Dyads/Tryads

3:15 pm           Break

3:30 pm           Discussion of Practice Session

3:45 pm           Assessment and Clinical Practice with Gender-Diverse Youth

4:30 pm           Physical Transition Options, Including Surgeries

4:45 pm           Questions, Discussion, and Closure


DATE             Friday 01 June 2018


TIME              9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


LOCATION    Sandman Signature Hotel, 25 Hopewell Way NE, Calgary, AB 






Dr. Alderson is a professor of counselling psychology at the University of Calgary. His areas of research interest include human sexuality, LGBT studies, and addictions. Throughout his 31 years as a practicing psychologist, Dr. Alderson has counselled hundreds of clients with LGBT identities.


He is currently President-Elect for the College of Alberta Psychologists and the Editor in Chief of the Canadian Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy, the national Canadian peer-reviewed journal in the counselling field. He is the author of 8 books, including Counseling LGBTI Identities (Sage) and Breaking Out II: The Complete Guide to Building a Positive LGBTI Identity (Insomniac Press).







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