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Aug 23, 2018
Global Challenge

At PAA we are here to support your health and happiness. That's why we're excited to announce we'll be taking part in the Global Challenge! Everyone has the opportunity to be part of this fun initiative and join thousands of people from companies across the globe.  Register now to be included in a team of 7.


What is the Global Challenge?

The Global Challenge takes you and your team of 7 on a virtual journey.  The more active you are in real life, the more locations you will vist.  It doesn't matter if you run, swim, walk your dog or dance around your office - all activities will contribute to your team's success.  On your way you can earn trophies and climb up the leader board, but it doesn't stop there...besides activity, you also have the chance to learn about nutrition, balance, focus and sleep.

There is something for everyone on this journey and we'll help you to find your inner hero!


Check list

  • Have you signed up with Global Challenge? If not register here (only one registration per team!)
  • Couldn't find a team of seven? You’re not alone!  Still need to register with Global Challenge? Enter your information and register individually here


Not a PAA member or signing up as a team of 7?

Complete the attached payment form and submit to by 22 August, to be included in a team, or to make payment for your team. Click here for registration form.


Make your payment below. Once payment has been received, the Max Buzz will be delivered to PAA and forwarded to you before 5th September.


Any questions? contact


Off you go, the challenge starts on the 5th September!   We hope to see you on the starting line! 

Registration is now closed

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