Practice Advisor Program

About the Practice Advisor Program


The PAA Practice Advisor Program provides full and life members of the Psychologists' Association of Alberta (PAA) with free, confidential advice regarding professional practice and/or ethical issues.


How to Access the Program


Members wishing to access this service should call the PAA office and the office staff will provide the member with the name and contact information of a practice advisor in their area. Please contact PAA office (780) 424-0294 or toll free 1-888-424-0297.


The Practice Advisor typically provides advice over the telephone. 




PAA or CAP: Who Do I Call First?



When I call?



Practice Advisor Program



Professional Guidance Service


What can I expect?


Free, confidential advice regarding professional practice and/or ethical issues


Peer consultation, referrals and regulatory resources


What is the issue?


Specific clinical/practice guidance


Broad regulatory framework guidance


What can be addressed?


Issues surrounding ethics, clinical and professional practice are most common within a specific area of practice.


Issues surrounding Legislation, Bylaws, Code of Ethics, Standards of Practice, Practice Guidelines and Practice Alerts.


Who is eligible for this service?


PAA full members can access practice advisors.


All regulated members can access CAP professional guidance (registered & provisional psychologists) as well as the public.


Who do I call first?


Call CAP to get regulatory information


Call CAP to get regulatory information


How do I access service?


Members can phone or email.


Members may call, email, use the website, or have in person meetings.


What is the process?


Upon verification of membership, individual is provided with a name and phone number for a practice advisor within a specific area of practice.


Advisors are selected based on numerous criteria: location, availability, and issue.


Prefer inquiries in written form via email, allows time to research, then ask follow-up questions and provide resources.


A survey is requested to improve service delivery.


How is the service delivered?


Over the phone


Over the phone, in an email, or in person


I am a registered provisional psychologist


Contact PAA for a list of supervisors when seeking a supervisor.


After guidance questions are brought to and addressed by your supervisor contact CAP for additional regulatory guidance and/or referral to a supervision consultant.