Access to Psychologists

Access to Psychologists & the Impending Psychological Pandemic   PAA is continuously advocates for easier access to services that psychologists offer. The PAA Position statements: ” The services of psychologists […]

Vaccine Policies in Workplace

To Mandate, or Not to Mandate – Vaccine Policies in the workplace BMS Canada Risk Services Ltd. COVID-19 has imposed new challenging obligations on employers. Employers have become very familiar […]

What is a Psychologist?

What is a Psychologist? Psychologists study how we think, feel, and behave from a scientific viewpoint and apply it to help people understand, explain, and change their behavior. Psychologists are […]

Importance of Psychologist’s Self-Care

Importance of Psychologist’s Self-Care Have you ever wondered about how you manage your own self-care as a psychologist? Ethical guidance for psychologists is to limit or not provide services to […]

Albertans Want Improved Access to Psychologists

Albertans Want Improved Access to Psychologists January 2021 – Psychological health matters to individual quality of life, provincial health, & our economy. Invest with a significant impact – invest in […]