The Disaster Response Network is ACTIVE in response to COVID-19 & the Northern Alberta floods Click here to access & for more information
Toll Free: 1-888-424-0297 | Local: 780-424-0294

Board of Directors

Nicki Wilson, President

Claire Petersen, Vice-President

Dr. David St. Arnault, Treasurer 

Heather Gower, Provisional representative & Board Custodian

Chelsea Hobbs, Student representative


Tamara Stuart, Early Career representative

Dr. Jacqui Linder

Dr. Sally MacLean 

Dr. Sandra Dixon

Tamara Austin

Meeting Dates 

September 2020       November 2020       February 2021      May 2021

PAA Staff

Judi Malone, Ph.D.Chief Executive Officer


Joanna LeungFinance Officer


Cindy KennedyAdministrative Officer


Kim BernardCommunication Officer


Simon MakMembership Officer


Ada NieminenExecutive Assistant


Jetta Paradis

Student Intern


Committees & Task Forces 

Awards Adjudicating Committee

Dr. Judi Malone (chair), Dr. Emma Climie Dr. Kerry Mothersill Dr. Lynda Phillips Dr. Erik Wikman Dr. Jessica Van Vliet Board Liaison – Dr. Sally MacLean

Public Education & Wellness Committee

Dr. Erin Buhr (chair), Dr. Patrick Keelan, Derek Pierce, Kyle Poon, Dr. Wence Leung, Doris Bong, Marii-Heleen Motsmees, Sarah Hopkins Board Liaison – Tamara Stuart

School Psychology Committee 

Dr. Mitchell Colp (chair), Michele Pentyliuk, Dr. Erica Makarenko, Ryan Matchullis, Dr. Karin Coles, John Laing, Sarah Nugent Board Liaison – Dr. Sandra Dixon

Social Justice Committee 

 Joanna Card (chair), Clayton Falk, Krista Forand, Andrew Nicholson, Donna Piercy, Camille Mori, Dr. Taylor McInnis Board Liaison – Tamara Austin

Technology in Practice Task Force

Dr. Michael Stolte (chair), Dr. Trevor Josephson, Zabrina Kwan, Andrew Luceno, Eileen Noel. Board Liaison – Dr. Jacqui Linder

PAA – CAP Joint Task Force: Alberta’s Truth& Reconciliation Response Dr. Judi Malone, Dr. Richard Spelliscy, Wilma Spearchief, Loretta McConnell, Meagan Farquharson, Janice Minoose, Dr Karlee Fellner, Dr. Deena Martin

Victims of Crime Financial Benefits Committee

Dr Ann Marie Dewhurst and Carmen Bellows

Mentorship Task Force

Katie Bradley, Patricia Cruz, Dr. Helena Dayal, Heather Gower, Jessica Heil, Chelsea Hobbs, Nathalie Mercier, Dr. Terilyn Pott, Julia Russell, Tamara Stuart

Representatives & Editors

APA Rural Health Coordinator Representative for Alberta –

Psymposium & Book Review Editor – Dr. Michelle Vandegriend

Disaster Response Network Coordinator – Dr. Judy Moench

PAA Student Board Representative – Chelsea Hobbs

PAA Provisional Board Representative – Heather Gower

Public Education Coordinator Representative to APA – 

SPTA Psychology in the Workplace Network (PWN) Representative to APA –