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Practice Advisor Program

The PAA Practice Advisor Program provides full and life members of the Psychologists’ Association of Alberta (PAA) with free, confidential advice regarding professional practice and/or ethical issues.

Referrals to PAA Practice Advisors are first routed through the CAP Director of Professional Guidance unless the member has agreed that they are familiar with the relevant regulatory or professional ethics guidelines.

PAA will contact a Practice Advisor indicating:

  • Name & contact information of member seeking practice advice
  • Brief summary of the request

Practice Advisors let PAA know within 2 business days if they can respond directly to the request, or if PAA should refer to another practice advisor.

While the PAA staff works with alternatives and volunteer recruitment we will make the following change to the program, effective 01 April 2022.

PAA (full & life) members’ access to the PAA Practice Advisor Program is limited to once annually.

Members wishing to access this service should fill out the form below.

We are currently reviewing processes to ensure increased access to members.

 Private Practice or Business Question?

If you are also an APA member, please review the resources at Business of Practice ( & APA Practice (

Legal Questions?

If you have BMS Professional Liability Insurance Coverage you have access to free legal assistance! See Psychology Practitioner Liability Insurance Program ( & Psychology Practitioner Liability Insurance Program (

Professional Practice Resources for Alberta Psychologists

Professional Guidance Department

The College of Alberta Psychologists (CAP) is the regulatory voice for the profession of psychology in the province of Alberta.  Self-regulated professions establish entrance criteria, establish, continuing learning criteria, and apply ethical codes and practice standards for the profession.


Guide members in identifying, interpreting, and applying regulatory resources, (e.g. Legislation, Code of Ethics, Standards of Practice, Practice Guidelines/Alerts) to their practice situation.

CAP does not provide the following

  • Prescriptive clinical advice – as a self-regulated professional, the psychologist maintains responsibility for professional decision making
  • Legal, business, or technological recommendations/advice


All regulated members can access CAP professional guidance (registered & provisional psychologists).

Provisional psychologists: please first raise any issues with your supervisor. 


T: 780-424-5070 or 1-800-659-0857

E: [email protected]
























Practice Advisor Program

The Psychologists’ Association of Alberta (PAA) is the voice of, and for, psychology in Alberta.  The association advocates for psychology in Alberta, informs the public and the media, and advocates for consumers of psychotherapy, psychological, and mental health services.


Provide collegial, confidential advice regarding professional practice issues and match psychologists from diverse areas of expertise to assist psychologists working through clinical/practice situations.

PAA does not provide regulatory advice.

Please ensure you fully understand the regulatory information prior to contacting the practice/clinical advising program.



PAA full members can access practice advisors.

PAA currently does not provide provisional or student members with practice support. 


T: 780-424-0294 or 1-888-424-0297

E: [email protected]