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Lisa Pascal
by Lisa Pascal
Published: September 7, 2023 (3 weeks ago)

This four-part workshop series will provide participants with a practical understanding of the key legal principles governing their professional lives and potential civil liability. It will allow participants to anticipate legal problems, and avoid or minimize them.

The workshop series is composed of four half-day sessions, conducted live online. Each workshop is four hours in length. In the first three and half hours, we will review the detailed program outline that the participants will have received in advance.  This gives the participants the opportunity to consider the materials and formulate their questions.

Participants will be invited to ask questions at appropriate intervals throughout the session. The last half-hour will be an open question and answer period. It will allow participants to clarify any issues or ask related questions.

Session 1 (November 7th): The Legal Landscape, Consent, Capacity to Consent, Substitute Consent, and Parental Decision Making Authority

Session 2 (November 9th): Negligence, Standards of Care, Informed Consent, And Duties of Affirmative Action

Session 3 (November 14th): Documentation, Confidentiality, Privilege, Disclosure, and Access

Session 4 (November 16th): Mandatory Federal and Provincial Reporting Obligations and the Duty to Warn

For More Information go to:

Call 825-484-6443

Registration ends Oct 31st, 2023


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