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The 52nd Banff International Conference on Behavioural Science - March 15 to 18, 2020 Banff, Alberta

Mindfulness for Families, Schools, and Communities: From Promotion to Intervention March 15 to 18, 2020 Banff, Alberta, Canada

The past decade has witnessed a rapid expansion of interest in mindfulness both in the general public, and in educational and clinical settings. This interest is based in part on the growing body of research documenting the benefits of mindfulness practices with regard to improving attention and emotion regulation, in relieving distress and cultivating well-being, and improving health in both the general population and clinical populations. But what is mindfulness and how can it be cultivated? For example, in what ways can mindfulness practices support and extend other core aims of education? Both clinical science and neuroscience have revealed important beneficial outcomes of the practice of mindfulness – defined as moment to moment, present-centered, non-judgmental awareness. The 52nd annual Banff International Conference on Behavioural Science will feature leading researchers and other experts presenting their efforts to extend these practices and their beneficial effects to families, children, youth, and adults in educational, clinical, and community settings. Leading experts will provide up-to-date research findings in plenary addresses. In addition, workshops will emphasize skill development and specific strategies from a range of evidence-based programs and practices. In particular, participants will learn how the downstream consequences of a lack of mindfulness, self-regulation, and compassion, including stress and its deleterious effects on the body and the mind, might be curtailed.


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