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Hiring a Registered Psychologist as Associate

Southwest Calgary (Near Heritage C-Train Station)

Cobb & Associates Inc.
200C Haddon Road SW
Calgary, AB T2V 2Y6

Looking for a psychologist interested in being part of a growing team of mental health professionals. We are looking for someone with expertise in the area of couples counselling, our clinic’s main specialization and focus. We are, however, seeking to expand the range of services we offer and would welcome a team member who was willing to bring or develop additional specializations to help give the clinic a breadth of services that would be complementary to the services we offer on building relationships (i.e. addictions, including process addictions such as compulsive sexual behaviors, pornography, trauma recovery, family counselling, anger management, sexual health and intimacy, parenting, etc.). Minimum masters level psychologist, with training or experience in couples therapy, knowledge of or certification in Gottman therapy and/or emotionally focused couple therapy or developmental couples therapy is an asset. Willingness to collaborate in developing products and services for couples in distress is also an asset, but not required. A psychologist with broad skills in a variety of areas who is interested in developing a specialty in couples counseling will be considered.

This position is part-time to begin, with the option to expand to full-time, if desired. Initial client caseload would include evening work, allowing off-site, existing day-time commitments to be continued, if desired. We are interested in establishing long-term, collaborative, mutually-beneficial, working relationships with our associates. Maintaining a small practice of private clients initially, until desired clinic caseload is reached is also an option.

Please send curriculum vitae to:

Dr. Nathan Cobb
T: 403-255-8577

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