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It’s The Law: What every Alberta Therapist needs to Know - Edmonton & Calgary

It’s The Law: What every Alberta Therapist needs to Know

EDMONTON August 22nd, 2019
Holiday Inn Express
18520 100th Avenue
Edmonton, AB

CALGARY August 23rd, 2019
Holiday Inn Express
8360 Blackfoot Trail SE
Calgary AB

$250.00 early bird (July 11th, 2019)

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The legal environment governing mental health, psychotherapy, and counselling is far more challenging than before. However, contrary to what is becoming the conventional wisdom, Canadian law is supportive of treatment, counselling, and care professionals who have acted reasonably and in good faith. This workshop will provide participants with a working understanding of the key legal principles governing their professional lives and with the ability to identify and avoid common legal problems.

Reference will be made to leading Canadian cases and relevant materials. Professor Solomon will cover the following topics: consent and competency; negligence and expected standards of care; record-keeping, ownership, and access to records; confidentiality and privilege; and disclosure of client information. The workshop will also examine mental health workers' overlapping common law and statutory privacy obligations. In the conclusion, some common-sense rules will be suggested for anticipating and avoiding legal problems.

Robert Solomon is an experienced and thoroughly engaging speaker. You will find yourself both entertained and informed. Participants will be encouraged to ask questions throughout the workshop. Information based on Alberta Law.

You will learn the general legal principles governing —
• Consent, competency to consent, and substitute consent to treatment, counselling, and care
• Negligence liability and the standards of care expected of mental health counsellors and service providers
• Record-keeping, record retention policies, liability for negligent record-keeping, the use of computer records, and client access to and ownership of records
• Confidentiality, privilege, and disclosure of client records with and without client consent
• Privacy

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