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Foothills School Division Psychologist

Foothills School Division (FSD) serves the learning needs of approximately 8,000 students in junior kindergarten (pre-kindergarten) through grade 12, and employs more than 900 teachers and support staff who are focused on our common goal of “Improving Learning for ALL Students.” Located approximately 30 minutes south of the City of Calgary’s border within the Municipal District of Foothills, our central office is located in High River, Alberta. 


Under the direct supervision of the Director of Inclusive Learning, the Divisional Psychologist provides leadership, mentorship and coaching supports to Foothills School Division.  The Divisional Psychologist is also responsible for completing psycho-educational assessments to support the social-emotional and academic learning of students within the division. 

The Psychologist will provide:

  1. Social Emotional and Mental Health Leadership through
  • Developing and supporting building the capacity of school-based teams in supporting the positive behavior, social-emotional competencies and mental health and wellness of students within an inclusive educational environment within the division.
  • Collaborating with parents, community partners, teachers, administrators and support staff around students requiring individualized supports.
  • Creating opportunities for positive connections with colleagues and staff; building a positive belonging within the school environment.
  • Providing support by navigating and accessing community agencies and resources for families.   

  1. Educational Psychologist Services through
  • Collecting data to understand student behavior and support decision making.
  • Compiling data for outside agencies
  • Monitoring data and adapt program delivery
  • Providing psycho-educational assessments, recommendations and consultation supports and services.

Professional Responsibilities

  1. Provide support, and timely response, to classroom teachers, Learning Coaches, Family School Liaison Counselor, school administration and families.
  2. Demonstrate positive listening and communication skills with team members to provide/receive information that may impact a student’s progress.


Current registration by the College of Alberta Psychologists

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