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Online Module from the Trauma Informed Care - Non-AHS Service Providers

Date Posted: August 8 2019

Trauma Informed Care Education and Training Project - online module for Non-AHS Service Providers


We are excited to announce that more modules are available in the Trauma Informed Care series.

Module 1: What is Trauma Informed Care?

Module 2: What is Trauma?

Module 3: Disaster Response

Module 4: Loss and Grief after Trauma

Module 5: Trauma in Human Service Workers

Module 6: Emotional Literacy

As we must report back to our funder we ask that you take the time to do the survey at the end of each module even if it is only to let us know your geographic location, the type of work or sector you represent and the name of your organization. 

If you want to let us know about your learning experience we would be very grateful and use the information to do better next time.

The modules can be accessed by staff in Alberta Health Services through MyLearningLink - Search for Trauma Informed care and the complete list will be displayed.


Important Note

For the best learning experience please ensure your browsers and flash player are updated. Some content will not be available if either browser or flash player is out of date.

For outline and further information for anyone outside of Alberta Health Services.

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