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Primer: The Game of Life: An Introduction to Using Basic Sport Psychology Principles in Clinical Practice

Date 2022-03-30
Time 00:00 - 00:01
Location Recording
Audience Public
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Learning Objectives
  • Learn about sport and performance psychology principles that are fundamental to behaviour change and optimizing performance
  • Learn how, as a clinician, you can help clients take ownership of their training or treatment with you
  • Learn about motivation: Develop concrete strategies for enhancing client motivation
  • Learn about motivation: Learn about the shortcomings of motivation as a cause/reason for action
  • Learn about motivation: Two alternatives to motivation as causes/reasons for action
  • Learn concrete strategies for: Effective goal setting, Regulating physiological and cognitive anxiety under duress, Managing perfectionism and fear of failure, Overcoming mistakes and failures
  • Learn about different types of focus and psychological tactics for enhancing focus
  • Learn how to assist clients with identifying barriers to achieving their stated goals and how to remove or overcome them

Elite athletes and other high performers use a variety of psychological skills and principles in order to make split-second decisions under extreme duress and in some situations for extended periods of time. Perhaps surprisingly, many of these skills and principles can be applied in clinical settings with non-athletes to assist them with modifying problematic behaviours that interfere with client goal achievement. In this eight-hour workshop, I will cover some introductory sport psychology principles - with corresponding skills and exercises - that psychologists can use to help both athlete and non-athlete clientele move forward in their training or treatment. If relevant and applicable, I will also discuss how these same principles can be applied to help both clinicians and clients manage COVID-related difficulties such as grief, anxiety, panic, isolation, and situational ambiguity.

Format and Schedule

Watch at your own pace! 1-hour primer.

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Dr. Caelin White

Dr. Caelin White

Caelin completed his honours degree at the University of British Columbia, his masters and doctorate degrees at the University of Manitoba, and his predoctoral internship at the Calgary Clinical Psychology Residency. In private practice, Caelin provides individually-tailored, evidence-based interventions for a broad range of difficulties in adults and adolescents, including those related to general psychological functioning (e.g., anxiety, depression, chronic pain, trauma, emotion regulation, self-esteem, life adjustment) as well as those specific to performance difficulties (e.g., focus, motivation, perfectionism, dealing with failure and loss, managing performance expectations, navigating challenging team dynamics, distress tolerance, goal-setting, time management), both in sport and corporate clientele. In his personal time, Caelin enjoys spending time with friends and family, beekeeping, camping, hiking, and running year round. He also competes in and has completed a variety of ultramarathons and ultra-endurance obstacle course races. 

Continuing Education

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Credits: 1.0

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