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The Use of Digital Tools in Psychotherapy - (1CE Credit) 20220607

Date 2022-06-07
Time 12:00 - 13:30
Location Virtual
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This webinar aims to inform psychotherapists of the latest advances in digital health tools and evidence-based practice, in addition to helping them identify the clinical value of a specific tool for prevention, assessment and treatment.

This webinar is intended for psychotherapists with an interest in integrating new technologies into their practice or who have encountered obstacles related to digital health tools.

Learning Objectives
  • Define what are digital health tools, their current challenges for psychotherapists and situate their use in mental health services.
  • Identify whether the clinical context is favorable to the use of a digital tool.
  • Understand the role of the psychotherapist in recommending a digital tool.
  • Name the different roles that digital health tools can play for prevention, assessment, and treatment in psychotherapy.
  • Learn how to use TherAppX Core, a curated library for digital health tools.

There are more than 170,000 health apps in Canada and more than one in three citizens uses such a digital tool for their health. The speed of technological innovation can be breathtaking for the psychotherapist. Understanding the reality of patients using a digital tool for their mental health and understanding the different roles that these tools can assume in psychotherapy are important and growing issues. More than 75% of psychotherapists have already recommended a mobile application to their patients. How do they fit into self-care, prevention, assessment, and intervention in mental health?

Pier-Luc de Chantal, PhD

Pier-Luc de Chantal, PhD

Pier-Luc de Chantal, PhD, is clinical advisor at TherAppX, and assistant professor at Université du Québec à Montréal. His clinical experience in various settings of the Quebec health system, as well as his experience of mobile applications in mental health allow him to contribute to the development of the TherAppX platform. He has reviewed and commented on over 70 mental health apps and has carried out several webinars on the use of digital tools in psychotherapy. 

Continuing Education

The Psychologists’ Association of Alberta (PAA) is approved by the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) to offer Continuing Education (CE) for psychologists. This workshop is offered for one (1.0) hour of CE Credit. Full attendance at the workshop is required to receive Continuing Education Credits. Partial credit will not be awarded, and late arrivals or early departure will preclude awarding of Continuing Education Credits. PAA maintains responsibility for the program.

Credits: 1.0