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College of Alberta Psychologists (CAP) The College of Alberta Psychologists (the “College”) is the regulatory body for the profession of psychology in the province of Alberta. Self-regulated professions establish entrance criteria and apply ethical codes and practice standards for the profession. The regulatory body also investigates complaints of unprofessional conduct and, where appropriate, takes steps to enhance the practice of its members to protect the public. Information about the College and about registration processes, professional conduct, legislation, and privacy, as well as a member registry, are available on this website. It is not a post-secondary or educational institution. Visit their website

Who Do I Call First: CAP or PAA? – download

Canadian Psychological Association -Student Membership Student Affiliates are students enrolled full-time or part-time in a Bachelors, Masters or Doctoral Program, residing in Canada or the United States, who provide proof of enrollment in psychology (or a related field), at a recognized university, for the current academic year. (Student Affiliates have access to BMS Liability Insurance and are not permitted to vote in CPA’s Annual General Meeting).  Visit their website

And More amazing resources from the Canadian Psychological Association:

“Psychology Works” Fact Sheet: Applying to Canadian Graduate Schools – YouTube

Psychology Works Fact Sheet – SubjectName (

Click here for the CPA’s fact sheet on applying to Canadian Graduate Schools.

ALIS (Government of AB) Psychologist Employment Details Includes general information, average salary, average wage, minimum education, outlook, in-demand score, duties, working conditions, skills & abilities, and related fields of study.  Visit the website

The Canadian Handbook for Careers in Psychological Science by Meghan Norris Despite psychology being one of the most popular undergraduate programs, students often report not knowing how training in psychology relates to careers. In this book, experts within many sub-disciplines across Canada provide insights and advice on just some of the many ways that training in psychological science can build expertise that can be applied in many careers across sectors.  Access here


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