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PAA Referral Service

The PAA Referral Service is designed to provide the public with access to the names of registered psychologists specializing in their area of need. The referral service receives on average 160 calls each month and over 1100 visits to the referral search webpage per month, making it a great source of low-cost advertising for psychologists.


Referral service members can add a link to their personal website for an additional fee. Adding a link to your professional practice website further increases the likelihood that potential clients will contact you. Users of the PAA Online Referral, on average, click on website links 5 times more than phone numbers.

Biography & Photo

Referral service members can enhance their visibility by uploading a profile photo and short biography to their referral service profile. These extra features are free, and allow prospective clients to learn more about you and your services.  

Referral Statistics

PAA tracks the number of referrals you receive via phone, clicks on your website link, and clicks on your phone number. Information on how many referrals you have received can be obtained at any time by contacting the PAA office. 


Full and Life members are eligible for the referral service.  

Contributor Opportunities

Contributors are the foundation of an effective professional association. 

PAA Committees & Task Forces Committee & Task Force members aid PAA with various factors of the organization such as awards, public education, and advocacy efforts.

Career Fairs At career fairs, contributors man the PAA display booth and may answer inquiries regarding careers in psychology and the psychology profession.

School Presentations Various presentations at high schools and universities occur throughout the year on a variety of topics including the psychology profession, PAA, careers, and mental health.

Public Presentations Public speaking presentations occur throughout the year to a variety of audiences on various topics. Examples of past presentations include: mental health awareness, organizational psychology, and psychology disorders. 

Teachers’ Conventions At teachers’ conventions, contributors man the PAA display booth and may answer general inquiries regarding PAA and psychology profession.

Science Fairs Contributor duties at science fairs may include presenting or judging various awards.


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