2022 PAA Poster Presentation Event

PAA invites all psychologists, provisional psychologists & student members to submit a poster for the PAA Poster Presentation event. Following last year’s presentation event, the 2022 poster presentation event will take place on the PAA YouTube, and the PAA best poster award voting will go on for two weeks following the opening of the poster event on 09 September 2022.

Friday 09 September 2022 will be the day that this event will be launched as follows:

  • PAA will host annual meetings
  • The PAA posters then go live online (PAA YouTube channel)
  • The poster award contest will take place over the following two weeks

Please complete and submit this form and your poster presentation, & required additional materials by email to Ada by 15 July 2022

Poster Presentation Requirements

Compile max 5 presentation slides that represent your poster

  • One of the slides MUST be the entire poster (can be the only slide)

Record max 5-minute-long presentation that will accompany or overlay the slides

  • If you want to talk to each slide specifically submit a video of the recording in Mp4 format
  • If you submit a separate presentation and voice recording, they will be set to overlap by PAA staff members in the format of 1 minute of speech per 1 slide.

Examples — (click each to see the YouTube)

Last year’s submissions

Required Additional Materials

  • Photo of Primary Poster Author(s)
  • Biography of Primary Poster Author(s) – max 100 words

Poster Contest

Posters will be judged in an online election of members over a 2-week period based on the following criteria:

  • The majority of the work and thought has been completed by psychologists, provisional psychologists, or students.
  • The poster demonstrates work that is recognized as a notable contribution to the profession of psychology.
  • The poster will be evaluated for both the content (i.e., originality, focus, relevance to the profession of psychology, etc.) as well as for the design qualities of the poster (i.e., readability, appeal, graphics, etc.).

There is a $250.00 award for the 2022 PAA Best Poster Presentation. The psychologist, provisional psychologist, or student who is the primary author of the poster will receive the monetary award, however, this award can be shared by multiple psychologists, provisional psychologists, or students, in the title.