Mentor Match

What is

Mentor Match?

Mentor Match is a PAA members-only matching service for prospective mentors and mentees. The Mentor Match platform is intended to connect mentors and mentees who share similar interests and goals to form long lasting and rewarding mentorship relationships. We are stronger together, and the sharing of expertise and support of one another benefits us all.

How does it work?

The Mentor Match program is separate and distinct from Supervision.

What is Mentor Match?

Mentor Match is the latest addition to an expanding line-up of our services to support members’ professional development needs. It is an online tool – including a searchable database – that facilitates the establishment of mentoring relationships. It is user-driven, allowing registered Mentees to search among registered Mentors using specified criteria to find individuals whose experience and expertise match areas in which they wish to be mentored. Likewise, registered Mentors can search for and identify potential Mentees.

How does it work?

The Mentor Match program is an online tool prospective mentors and mentees can use to find one another. Members first enroll as a Mentor or Mentee (or both!), filling out their profile demographics. Be as detailed as possible – this will help suitable Matches find you! Once you’ve built your profile, you can search for Mentors or Mentees by filtering for these demographics.

When you find someone who seems like a good match, click on them to view their Mentor Match profile in detail. You can request them as your Mentor or Mentee by clicking the Request button on their profile. You will be notified as to whether your request has been accepted or rejected. If you are a Mentor and you have accepted a request, it’s time to reach out to your Mentor or Mentee and arrange a meeting!

Can I have more than one mentee/mentor?

While there is no limit to the number of mentoring relationships you can establish, we recommend that you be judicious in selecting only Mentors and/or Mentees who are most suited to your mentoring needs. 

Where can I meet with my Mentor Match?

It is up to you and your Mentor Match to decide how, when and where you want to pursue your mentoring relationship. It is likely that most of your communication will occur by phone or electronically.

How long does the mentoring relationship last?

We recommend that you and your Mentor Match agree on a schedule that works best for both of you. The most important thing is to discuss your mutual expectations about time and communication at the start of your relationship. We recommend a one year mentoring relationship to receive maximum benefit from the program.