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Volunteer with Your Association


Quality volunteers are the bricks that hold non-profit organizations together.  We couldn’t survive without you!

PAA needs you to help advance the science-based profession of psychology and promote the well-being and potential of all Albertans.

There are several exciting opportunities that arise at different times of the year and to meet these requests, PAA needs a team of volunteers to contact.

Browse the list of volunteer opportunities below and the PAA Volunteer Handbook and contact Cindy for more information or to sign up.


PAA Committees & Task Forces Committee & Task Force members aid PAA with various factors of the organization such as awards, public education, and advocacy efforts. Career Fairs At career fairs, contributors man the PAA display booth and may answer inquiries regarding careers in psychology and the psychology profession. School Presentations Various presentations at high schools and universities occur throughout the year on a variety of topics including the psychology profession, PAA, careers, and mental health. Public Presentations Public speaking presentations occur throughout the year to a variety of audiences on various topics.  Examples of past presentations include: mental health awareness, organizational psychology, and psychology disorders. Teachers’ Conventions At teachers’ conventions, contributors man the PAA display booth and may answer general inquiries regarding PAA and the psychology profession. Science Fairs Contributor duties at science fairs may include presenting or judging various awards. Psychologically Health Workplace Presentation was developed by the Public Education & Wellness Committee.  All psychologists who work with community organizations are encouraged to use this presentation to promote psychological health in the workplace. Review the PAA Volunteer Handbook for more information.

Current Opportunities

2020 Fall Leadership Development Opportunities

Student Members & Provisionally Registered Psychologist (PRP) Member

Are you a PAA student member? Or a Provisionally Registered Psychologist Member? Soon we will host an election for these seats on the PAA Board of Directors. You can contribute to the strategic direction of our association and profession by serving your fellow members on the PAA board of Directors while networking, collaborating, and developing your leadership skills. What does this role involve? Volunteer job descriptions are available here for the student position and the PRP position.  Meetings are held four times yearly and participation includes our annual conference. Interested? Contact the current board representatives for more information.


November 2020 – A call for nominations will go out to only members in your respective membership category. Complete the nomination and submit it to the office.
December 2020 – There will be an electronic vote by members in your membership category.
January – May 2021 – you will receive mentorship and support by the current Student and PRP board members as succession planning
February 2021 – you attend the PAA Board meeting as an observer
April 2021 – you participate in a board orientation
May 2021 – you participate in the annual PAA board/staff retreat and start your role as a new board member!

Why Volunteer?

Share a skill

Get to know your community

Sense of accomplishment

Have an impact

Explore your career

Have fun!

Do something new/different

Feel good and be proud

Build your resume

Dedicated PAA volunteer, Dr. Christopher Armstrong, said: (of the Greater Edmonton Teachers Convention) “It was a good time! (as always) It’s great to talk-shop with teachers…and to bump into those whom I’ve worked with over the years.  I’ll be looking forward to the next one!” (of the Edmonton Regional Science Fair) “I have never seen so much ‘CUTE’ under one roof, the energy is incredible…and at the end of the day, you know that you’ve been a part of something that these kids will always carry with them”