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PAA Provisional Board Member

Samantha Gruber, Provisionally Registered Psychologists

The PAA’s core values of leadership, psychological health, collaboration, and inclusion allign with many of my own personal values. My broad and diverse work experience in the Northwest Territories has fuelled my desire to help make mental health care accessible for Albertans while also helping to ensure safe and competent practice. Seeking the Provisionally Registered Board Member postion on the PAA Board of Directors is one way I can be involved with increasing accessibility to mental health care on a macro level and collaborate with the provisonally registered members in Alberta. The demand for mental health care has only increased during the pandemic, and I am sure the strain has been felt by us all. Connecting with peers in similar situations has always been helpful in my own personal self-care and I am hearing through involvement on Alberta Provisional Psychologists Facebook page, that connection within this community is important for many others as well.     

My hope is to continue and build upon the rapport within this community of provisionally registered members and represent our growing number of voices while being a part of the PAA’s mission to advance psychology in evidence-based practice and the well-being of Albertans.  

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