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If you are a current PAA member or have posted a Classified with us as a non-member before: sign in to your PAA account via the member login button (top right of screen), and then go to Classifieds -> Purchase Classified AD and the submission form will appear.

If you have never posted with us and are not a PAA member: Go to Classifieds -> Purchase Classified AD and create/purchase your classified ad. When providing payment information you will be asked to provide an email address. The website will automatically create you an account using this email. To manage your classified ad you will then come back to the home page select Member Login? -> Lost your Password? and then enter your email and have a reset password link sent to you. Once you have created a password you will be able to login to the website and manage your classified ad. 

*if you are a PAA member or have posted with us before and it is your first time signing in to the new website: enter the e-mail  that we would have on file and click “forgot your password” to have a reset link e-mailed to you (link expires after an hour) to access your new profile.

Please Note: All revisions must be received within five business days, otherwise your revised ad will be considered a new ad with additional fees.

Have questions or need help? Contact or 1-888-424-0297

Submission process:

1- Create an ad by going to Classifieds -> Purchase Classified AD 

2- Complete payment.

3- PAA admin will review the ad.

3- If the ad is approved, your ad will appear on our website.  If the ad requires amendments PAA admin will contact you via e-mail.

*this section of the website is still under construction.  If you experience technical difficulties please send details of the error and screenshots if possible to  PAA apologizes for this inconvenience.

Advertising Rates Online

For PAA Members

30 Day Term60 Day Term90 Day Term
$52.50 + GST$98.00 + GST$133.00 + GST

For NON-PAA Members

30 Day Term60 Day Term90 Day Term
$75.00 + GST$140.00 + GST$190.00 + GST


All classified ads are non-refundable.