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Professional Guidance Program

The goal and mission of Professional Guidance Program is to assist members in learning about ethics and thinking through ethical dilemmas in their work as psychologists. The program also provides members and non-members of the Psychologists’ Association of Alberta (PAA) with the opportunity to consult and discuss their concerns with the Professional Guidance Director or a Practice Advisor. 

Have an Ethical Dilemma?

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The Professional Guidance Program has launched a webinar on Ethical Decision-Making (1.0 CE credit). View this Continuing Professional Development opportunity on our Course Portal! 

Still have Questions?

Complete the Professional Guidance Submission Form to be connected with additional resources, a consult with the Professional Guidance Director (see below for fees) or a referral to a Practice Advisor. 

The Professional Guidance Officer will triage your request and you will be provided with either:

Additional Resources

Consult with the Professional Guidance Director*

Referral to a Practice Advisor

*Consultation Pricing with the Professional Guidance Director

  • Registered Psychologist - PAA Member (up to 45 minutes) $110
  • Registered Psychologist - Non Member (up to 30 minutes) $110
  • Provisionally Registered Psychologists - PAA Member (up to 45 minutes) $60

Receive 1.0 CE credit for paid consultations with the Professional Guidance Director

Questions about the Professional Guidance Program?


The PAA Professional Guidance Program (PGP) provides consultation through education. Any decisions made because of information accessed through our website or consultation with the PGP, remains the responsibility of the member accessing the program. PGP is not liable for any formal decision-making, or the actions related to the inquiry made by the member. PGP does not provide any legal or accounting advice. For any legal advice, consult your liability insurance or a lawyer who specializes in psychological / health service practice.  For financial or accounting advice, consult your accountant or auditor or a management accountant who specializes in Alberta health service provision.