Professional Guidance Consultation

Professional Guidance Consultation

The Professional Guidance Program provides members and non-members of the Psychologists’ Association of Alberta (PAA) with the opportunity to consult and discuss their concerns with the Professional Guidance Director or a Practice Advisor.  If you would like to consult on an ethical dilemma please complete the form below. 

*Please note the decision about who you will consult with will be made by the Professional Guidance Officer. 

Submission Form

Professional Guidance Submission Form

This program is reserved for those registered with the College of Alberta Psychologists. 

Provisionally registered psychologists accessing the Professional Guidance Program are required to notify there supervisors. 

Provisionally registered psychologists need to be members of PAA to access the program.

*Please note that supervisors of Provisionally Registered Psychologists will be notified and included in all communication with the Professional Guidance Officer. Supervisors are not required to be present during consultations. 

College of Alberta Psychologists

Before requesting consultation, please visit the College of Alberta Psychologists website for more information about regulatory and ethical guidelines.


Regulatory Information


PAA's Professional Guidance program (PGP) guides psychologists through ethical dilemmas and unfamiliar practice situations. The Professional Guidance Program does not offer any legal advice or advice related to accounting practices. For any legal concerns, we recommend a consulting a lawyer who specializes in psychological / health service practice.  For financial or accounting advice, consult your accountant or auditor or a management accountant who specializes in Alberta health service provision.  Direct advice will not be provided during consultation, and the psychologist accessing the service will remain responsible for any final or formal decisions. 

By submitting this form you are understanding and agreeing to the statement above.