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PAA Materials

PAA is committed to public education. 

The Psychologists’ Association of Alberta is the voice of, and for, psychology in Alberta. We are the voluntary body that advocates for psychology in Alberta, informs the public and the media, and advocates for consumers of psychotherapy, psychological, and mental health services.

Limited quantities of complimentary materials are available to members.  Contact the office to inquire & purchase (prices do not includes GST & postage).

Referral Service  Talk to someone who can help.  The referral service can help you find a psychologist who can meet your unique needs. $0.50/ea


Recommended Fee Schedule This fee schedule is a guideline that reflects a fair fee for services consistent with the qualifications of registered psychologists. $0.50/ea


Psymposium is the official newsletter of the PAA, published with the purpose of fostering communication between psychologists and supporting the goals of the Association and the profession of psychology. Published five times yearly. Subscription $50.00/year


Information Postcards explaining the value of psychology for chronic pain, eating disorders, insomnia & sleep-wake disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, substance use & abuse, depression, and cannabis. $0.50/ea 


School Psychology Services School psychologists are highly trained professionals who use empirically based approaches to help students succeed academically, socially, behaviourally, & emotionally. $0.50/ea


Bookmark There is value in psychology for ADHD, anxiety, autism, brain injury, bullying, chronic pain, dementia, depression, eating disorders, grief, learning disability, managing illnesses, phobia, poor sleep, postpartum depression, suicide, trauma, & much more. $0.50/ea

Psychological Coping During Pandemics PowerPoint Presentation  Slides can be removed and adjusted for the group being presented to.  Contact the office for the link.

Groups can request a presentation by contacting the office.

For the Workplace:

Psychological Coping  During Pandemics PowerPoint Presentation  Slides can be removed and adjusted for the group being presented to.  Contact the office for the link.

Groups can request a presentation by contacting the office.


The Value of Choosing a Psychologist Everyone is unique, there is no “one-size fits all” treatment.  A psychologist can help find what works best for you. $0.50/ea


Psychological Services in Primary Health Care Extensive research demonstrates that a partnership of physicians and psychologists provides more efficient, comprehensive, and effective care. $0.50/ea


Psychology Month Poster “February is Psychology Month – Psychology is for everyone” posters. Approx 11 x 17″. These posters are an excellent means to promote psychology month in February. $1.00/ea


Psychologically Healthy Workplace practices will increase employee health and wellness, morale, attraction and retention, performance, productivity, and job/customer satisfaction.  Decrease absenteeism, turn-over, conflict, complaints, illness/injury, and health care costs. $0.50/ea

Psychologically Healthy Workplace PowerPoint Presentation Developed by PAA’s Public Education & Wellness Committee. Members are encouraged to use this free presentation to promote psychological health in the workplace.


Clinical Supervision in Professional Psychology in Alberta On the Go! (Manual) Clinical Supervision On the Go has been developed so the novice or experienced supervisor can approach the task of clinical supervision more expediently. $10.00 per copy



PAA Display Banner/Unit

The PAA has two display board units as well as a display banner unit which can be requested for use by PAA members. They can be shipped by courier at PAA’s cost to any member who facilitates an activity to promote psychology or can be picked up at PAA office. The display units are useful for events such as conferences, career fairs, public information sessions and/or school presentations.

Display Boards

The two table top display boards provide a variety of panels to choose from on topics such as:

  • What Psychologists Do
  • The PAA Referral Service
  • Careers in Psychology
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • School Psychology
  • Psychologically Healthy Workplace
  • Alberta Psychology in the Media