Board Nominations 2020

Open Board Positions - Call for Nominations

There are 3 director positions open for election, with a three-year term commencing May 2020.

All nominees for a director position
  • Must be eligible voting members* in good standing with the Psychologists’ Association of Alberta and
  • Must be nominated by two eligible voting members in good standing with the Psychologists’ Association of Alberta.
  • Must agree to accept, uphold, be governed by, and support the by-laws and objectives of the Association.
A call for Nominations form can be obtained here (2020 PAA Board of Director Nomination) or by calling the PAA office. Completed forms must be received at the PAA office by 4:00 p.m. on Friday 06 March 2020. *eligible voting members – Full, Life and Out of Province Members

About the Board

PAA has a policy governance board – essentially our board of directors are responsible for making decisions, setting policy, solving problems, planning, and evaluating this, our professional association. These are volunteer positions with 3-year terms and there are 4 meetings yearly.

The benefits of serving on your professional association board of directors include profound sense of engagement and renewal, and enhanced status within our profession.

Requirements of PAA Member

Attendance & Participation Attendance at, & preparation for, scheduled Board meetings & functions are necessary. Meetings are scheduled well in advance & Board members are expected to attend all planned meetings, to have reviewed any related material in advance, & to participate in an active manner. Attending at least 80% of Board Meetings & functions are expected as is yearly completion of the confidentiality agreement & regular declarations of conflicts of interest.

Fiduciary Responsibility Board members are responsible for the association’s health & welfare, including fiscal stability. Every board action taken is on behalf of all PAA members with the privilege & the responsibility to act as temporary stewards of this association. Fulfilling this responsibility means:

  1. Knowing the Budget
  2. Being familiar with the budget process
  3. Reviewing the Annual Audit & Financial Policies
  4. Reviewing Financial Reports
  5. Asking questions as needed

PAA Advocates As a board member, we are advocates for the profession and the association. This role includes encouraging PAA members to get involved in our association, recruiting new members, keeping the board and CEO informed of issues & opportunities you see for PAA & for the profession, & keeping colleagues informed about PAA activities.

Aspirational Responsibilities In addition to the things that Board members are required to do, there are a number of things that Board members are encouraged to do:

  • Read PAA publications, listen to our podcasts, submit articles for Psymposium, & to suggest topics, themes, & authors for publications
  • Make every effort to attend & support a majority of PAA non-board functions as representatives of the organization. Attend the CPD events, help introduce presenters, & network with participants at breaks, luncheons, & receptions & dinners.

Ada Nieminen Executive Assistant is here to answer your every question as you contemplate putting your name forward. or 780.424.0294 or 1.800.424.0297