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Melody E. Morin
by Melody E. Morin
Published: February 8, 2024 (3 weeks ago)
Beaumont, Alberta

Hey Future Team Members

Hey, Therapy All-Star! Do you have a eight (or more) of sprinkling magic in child therapy? We’re on the hunt for someone epic like YOU!

We’re Level Up Wellness Group, and we’re all about well-rounded wellness right here in the heart of Beaumont. We focus on treating the whole person, not just symptoms. Super passionate about emotional wellness? So are we!

As we look forward to launching our brand-new location in 2025, we’re super keen to grow our amazing multi-disciplinary team. Yup, you heard that right! New digs, new opportunities, and even more ways to make a difference in holistic healthcare. In our new space, you will get to design the child therapy space. We are looking for someone to join the team now and help us grow into something amazing. We currently have child therapist’s at our centre but we are looking for someone to provide mentorship in the area of play therapy, sandtray, expressive arts and other modalities unique to children.

The position is ideal for practitioners looking to set their own hours, be part of a creative team who share a treatment philosophy, and earn competitive hourly rates.

What we need: A wealth of knowledge in various child therapy modalities. A flair for mentoring our fantastic team. A knack for staying updated and hands-on with assessments, treatments, and interventions. A heart that beats for making a difference in the lives of children and their families.

Bonus points if: You have a soft spot for the preschool crew!

Skill Development and Enhancement: Provide hands-on guidance to help the mentee develop and refine clinical skills, particularly in working with children and their families.

Case Supervision: Review specific cases with mentees, offering insight, guidance, and feedback on therapeutic interventions, strategies, and techniques.

Ethical Guidance: Ensure that mentees understand and adhere to professional ethics, standards, and regulations specific to child therapy.

Professional Development: Help mentees identify opportunities for continuing education, training, and certifications that can benefit their practice.

Networking: Introduce mentees to other professionals in the field, fostering connections and collaborations.

Resource Sharing: Provide or recommend resources, tools, and materials that can be beneficial in child therapy sessions.

Research and Evidence-Based Practice: Educate and guide mentees on the latest research in child therapy, ensuring that they incorporate evidence-based practices into their work.

Self-Care and Burnout Prevention: Offer guidance on self-care strategies and techniques to prevent burnout, which is crucial given the emotional challenges of working with children facing psychological issues.

This can be a part-time or full time position. Either contract based or employee. We are open to being flexible. We do ask a minimum for one night a week or a weekend. All our providers offers this. We are also an inclusive environment. Individuals and clients from all walks of life are welcome to join Level Up. Check out our website at We also have socials too!