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Lyndsay Wright
by Lyndsay Wright
Published: February 26, 2024 (2 months ago)
Edmonton & St. Albert

Summit Counselling Services is a collaborative group private practice in the heart of Edmonton with additional locations in Leduc and St. Albert. At Summit, we believe our clients are resilient and unique. We believe the same thing about our clinicians. Our clinicians bring a unique approach to their practice, specializing in areas they are passionate about with populations they enjoy working with. At Summit, you can build your desired practice. We want to bring on 1-2  contract psychologists for full or part-time hours at our Brewery and St. Albert locations.

What we are looking for:

  • Registered or provisional registered psychologists
  • Experience working in a private practice setting is an asset but not required
  • Those interested in working with a collaborative team
  • Those who respect a client-first approach
  • Specifically looking for clinicians interested in working with children, couples, sport/performance psychology and/or sex therapy.
  • An openness to learning and growing professionally in a team environment
  • Ability to work independently
  • Those with a clear understanding of ethics, respect for clients and values that align with Summit’s mission and values

Benefits of joining our team:

  • Full Admin support
  • Fully furnished and functioning office space
  • Encouragement and focus on work/life balance
  • Competitive compensation rates and frequent payouts – you get paid for your work when you do it, with no waiting for third-party payouts before you are compensated!
  • Marketing and advertising on your behalf
  • Frequent client referrals
  • Ability to create your desired practice
  • A collaborative team of clinicians focused on supporting each other
  • Respected for the independent contractor position and freedom to work elsewhere if desired.
  • There is a gym and daycare onsite at the St. Albert location.

If interested, please send a CV and cover letter to Arden at