The renewal deadline has been extended till 15 April.

Robin O'Gorman
by Robin O'Gorman
Published: March 22, 2024 (1 month ago)
121-897 Pembina Road, Sherwood Park

Are you looking for a positive, collaborative, spacious, accessible, professional, convenient and beautiful space to grow your practice?  Located in a new build within the Emerald Hills area of Sherwood Park, this space offers gorgeous furnished offices and lovely amenities that make it easy to simply show up and see clients without any hassle.

We have 2 offices left for rent.  Minimum requirement is 2 days a week (must be consistent ie. Mondays every week). We are open to an office share agreement if you and a friend want to share the space!

Available rental days are: Monday-Saturday.  Office hours are 9am-9pm.  Rent includes private kitchen use, free parking, private contractor employment in the back of the building, lovely outdoor space, reception, waiting room (and snacks), office supplies, wheelchair accessible washroom, internet and more.  This building is currently filling with other paramedical and will have a consider amount of exposure for those wanting to build a practice.  One of my favorite perks is that it is street level and accessible (no narrow staircases or frustrating building hours to accommodate).

There is also an opportunity to rent Saturdays only in 1 of the currently occupied offices (ideal for those wanting to supplement a virtual practice with a single in office day).