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Amy Robillard
by Amy Robillard
Published: April 2, 2024 (3 weeks ago)

Join Calian in Shaping the Future of Psychological Services

At Calian, we take pride in being one of Canada’s largest providers of pre-employment psychological services for federal, provincial, and municipal law enforcement agencies and departments. Trusted by clients nationwide, we conduct assessments ranging from selection services to suitability to carry a firearm and return to work. Our comprehensive psychological services extend across both public and private sectors, ensuring that our clients’ teams are equipped with the right individuals for high-risk scenarios.

Calian is thrilled to announce the expansion of our operations. We are actively seeking a dedicated Staff Psychologist to join our team based out of Edmonton.


Your Impact in Law Enforcement Settings

We are looking for a psychologist with a genuine interest in the complexities of human behavior within law enforcement settings. If you’re drawn to the challenges of assessing candidates for high-stakes roles and are eager to contribute to public safety, this opportunity is for you. Our ideal candidate values collaboration, possesses a strong understanding of psychological principles and is committed to ensuring the well-being and readiness of individuals entering and working in law enforcement and related fields.


Benefits Package, Work-Life Balance & Growth Opportunities

  • Full-time role, 40 hours per week commitment.
  • Flexible scheduling options available, including weekdays, weekends, and evenings.
  • Hybrid working environment with opportunities for remote work.
  • Competitive base salary range with a generous allotment of paid vacation days.
  • Comprehensive benefits package, including group medical and dental coverage.
  • Access to professional development fund for attending conferences, workshops, and training sessions.


Staff Psychologist Duties and Contributions

  • Conduct comprehensive psychological assessments tailored for law enforcement and policing roles, to determine psychological suitability for employment in high-risk occupations.
  • Utilize a variety of assessment tools including the MMPI-3, 16PF, and other psychometric measures to evaluate personality traits, psychopathology, and psychological readiness.
  • Review pre-interview questionnaires and administer structured stress interviews and clinical interviews to further assess psychological readiness and suitability for careers involving law enforcement.
  • Collaborate with the Senior Clinical Psychologist to lead consultations on challenging cases, providing guidance on additional testing and interviews required for making final determinations on psychological suitability.
  • Prepare comprehensive evaluation reports outlining psychological suitability for prospective employers, ensuring clarity and adherence to professional standards.
  • Provide feedback to candidates on individual assessment results as requested, offering insight and guidance based on psychological evaluations.
  • Conduct psychological assessments following the removal of duty firearms, addressing concerns such as substance abuse, recovery, and sobriety management.
  • Perform psychological assessments for re-arming, utilizing tools such as the MAST, DAST, and DSM-V, and conducting clinical interviews to ensure readiness to resume full duties.
  • Assess psychological readiness for resuming or continuing full duties following involvement in critical incidents, providing support and guidance as needed.
  • Conduct quality assurance (QA) reviews of assessment reports, ensuring adherence to accuracy and established standards specific to law enforcement and policing requirements.
  • Contribute to the ongoing development and enhancement of assessment programs for law enforcement and policing roles, including the design and refinement of assessment protocols based on research and industry best practices in this field.



  • Doctoral-level degree (Ph.D. or Psy.D.) in Psychology is preferred.
  • Candidates with a Master’s Degree in Psychology will be considered, provided they have relevant experience and expertise in conducting psychological assessments, particularly in law enforcement or related fields.
  • Licensed for autonomous practice with the College of Alberta Psychologists.
  • A minimum of 2 years of recent experience working for public entities (federal, provincial, or municipal).
  • Must have completed 50 assessments for psychological readiness of candidates for high-risk employment requiring the issuance of duty defensive equipment in the last 10 years.
  • Must obtain and maintain a Government Security Clearance at the Reliability level.
  • Bilingualism in English and French is a strong asset.


Interested in Learning More:

Contact Amy Robillard, our Talent Acquisition Team Lead at Calian Health Services, via email at