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About the Psychological Services Fund

The Psychological Services Fund, initiated by a donation from Ms. Amina Beecroft to the Psychologists’ Association of Alberta, has been invested into endowed funds with the Edmonton and Calgary Community Foundations. Annual returns from the investments are being distributed through the Canadian Mental Health Association’s Alberta Division to assist clients who are in need of psychological services; who do not have the insurance coverage to pay for services; and who could not otherwise afford to pay for services.

Services may be for psychological assessments or Counselling/psychotherapy.


The clients are eligible for a maximum of five sessions or, in the case of assessments, to the same maximum equivalency in fees. Psychologists will invoice CMHA Alberta Division for services at their normal rate of service, to a maximum of the PAA recommended fee schedule (currently $220 per hour for individual therapy).

Given the limited funding overall and per client, priority may be given to those in need of crisis management or to problems that are amenable to short-term interventions.

The psychologist provider must be a member in good standing with the Psychologists’ Association of Alberta.

How to Apply & Requirements

Clients can be identified directly by the CMHA, or by a psychologist or other community source, but all applications must be directed to the CMHA Alberta Division office and signed off by the CEO. (A form has been developed for this purpose and must be submitted).

Final approval of grants and payments will be given by the CEO, Alberta Division of CMHA.

Psychologists will need to receive confirmed approval prior to the commencement of services.

Confirmed approvals expire after one year. I.e. no invoices for payments will be paid after 12 months of the date of approval.

Due to limited available funds, approvals will not be granted for services rendered by any individual psychologist for more than one client, or any firm/agency for more than three clients per funding year (October to September).

Invoices are to be forwarded to the CMHA Alberta Division office.

A short client satisfaction/effectiveness survey may be requested of the client.

Fund Application Form

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Funds for 2023 are now expended.