Brightsquid Secure-Mail: A secure messaging service for psychologists in clinical practice

Albertans seek access to mental health support, and they want that access to be secure and protected. As part of PAA’s ongoing work to support the technology needs of our members, we have renewed our partnership with Brightsquid Secure Communications Corp.

Brightsquid Secure-Mail is the secure messaging service of choice for PAA members. As a subscriber, you can invite anyone to use it with you for free.

  • Exchange messages with patients about their care (including appointment preparation, follow up, and mental health check-ins)
  • Collect forms
  • Send instructions for tele psychology visits
  • Coordinate care with other members of your patients’ healthcare team.

Secure-Mail subscriptions are $39.99/mo with no contract or commitment. Are you a PAA member? You’ll receive a 25% discount off your Brightsquid Secure-Mail subscription. Contact PAA’s Membership Officer for the discount code.

Subscribe today:

For more information or technical support: 1-800-238-6503 or

About Brightsquid

Brightsquid provides privacy compliant messaging used by over 8,000 healthcare professionals and 200,000 patients in Alberta to quickly and conveniently share protected information. The result is stronger connections with more engaged patients. Learn more:

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