Find Who To Contact

It is important to know who to contact when starting an advocacy project.

Know who you are communicating with – identify & locate your elected officials and understand the various roles associated with their position.

Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) are the representatives of all Albertans in the Provisional government. Alberta has 87 constituencies or electoral districts. The last provisional election was on 16 April 2019. Provisional Elections follow a 4-year cycle. MLA’s are responsible for representing their own electoral district in the assembly. Many take part in community and advocacy work on behalf of Albertans. Most of PAA’s advocacy initiatives are directed to Provisional leaders.

Members of Parliament (MP) take 338 seats of the federal Canadian Parliament. Albertan MPs currently hold 34 seats in the House of Commons. The last federal election took place on 20 September 2021. Federal elections follow a 4-year cycle. The MP’s responsibility is to act based on the best interest of the nation and the region they represent. The Role of MP is to assist in the creations of laws and evaluate the proposed bills for benefits, conflicts, and problems.

Ways to Participate in Parliamentary Committees:

Find Your Provincial MLA or Federal MP