Nominate TODAY!

Today is a Good day to Nominate a Peer For a PAA Award!

PAA wants to recognize champions in our field by our Awards annually. Do you know someone who has contributed significantly to the field of psychology and think they deserve to be in the spotlight?

You can find out more about the awards and the nominations forms HERE. Nominations made after 30 April 2021 will forward consideration to 2022.

Dr. Kerry Mothersill wrote in Psymposium (December 2017, p. 30) a compelling article titled “Nominating is Good for You” about nominating peers for awards. Read some highlights below and the full article HERE.

“The PAA awards play a significant role in our provincial society of psychologists. Although the benefits of receiving awards are more readily discernible, as an act of giving, the potential benefits of nominating recipients can be varied and positive.

Nominating a peer is a form of giving thanks to an individual for the contributions that s/he has made to the profession. Nominators may feel that their peer’s work deserves to be recognized as s/he has exceeded customary expectations for diligence, creativity, and/or insight.

The nomination of a colleague is an act of giving not only to the potential recipient but also to the discipline. Recognition of achievement and excellence helps shape an organization’s culture by identifying individuals (and the nature of their work) that represent highly valued professional/academic accomplishments.

The act of giving is also good for you as it enhances happiness. Pleasure is derived from doing something positive for another person. Prosocial behaviour was more apt to increase positive emotion and decrease negative emotion. People are more prone to flourish psychologically when they help out others.

The singular act of nominating a peer for a PAA award does have the potential to be part of a pattern of giving that will make a significant difference in your happiness, health, and connection with others. So do yourself (and others) a favour! Nominate a colleague for one of the PAA Awards!!”