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Podcasts By PAA Members


with Brad Moser

Connecting, self-reflection, and self-improvement for all dads and moms. Join Brad Moser, Registered Psychologist, and guests as we explore engaged parenting and how to maintain strong relationships with our kids, other important grown-ups in our lives, and ourselves.
Real Dads is an educational program. It is not a substitute for therapy from a mental health professional.

Where Work Meets Life

with Dr. Laura Hambley Lovett

I launched my podcast is 2020 after being fascinated by how work intersects with life and my long-held belief that successful workplaces require thriving humans. Along with my expert guests, we explore and share insights on thriving workplaces, work-life wellness, career fulfillment, and advocating for a better world with listeners in the US, Canada and from around the globe. Explore podcast episodes.


Against the Tides of Racism

with Dr. Gina Ko

This podcast released on Saturdays aims to generate awareness, foster community, and create transformation by coming together to lean into the inspiring work of anti-racism.

Hosted by Dr. Gina Ko, Ph.D. (Educational Leadership) (she/her), a Psychologist in Calgary, Alberta. This podcast features guests from all walks of life who have endured, spoke up, and took action against the tides of racism.

Some ‘thinks’ only a psychologist can believe!

with Jon Amundson

Timely, topical and controversial issues in psychology presented for you by the Psychologists Association of Alberta.