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PAA Member Survey – Alberta Psychology during a pandemic.

PAA Member Survey – Alberta Psychology during a pandemic.

The PAA wanted to gain better understanding of the experience of being a psychologist in Alberta during the 4 weeks after WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic. There are currently no known models on how to operate as a psychologist or as a professional association during a pandemic, and this survey aimed to help PAA understand, and respond to, the impacts of this pandemic on psychological practice in Alberta.

This survey asked about the impact of the pandemic on members professionally, personally, and on those to whom they provide psychological services. It also asked about members’ use of telepsychology, their practice clarity, and the effectiveness of PAA’s communications and professional support for them.

There are 3 questions in each of 7 areas with an opportunity for member’s comments and  qualitative feedback at the end of the survey. The response rate varied from 500 to 162 participants.

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– Kira Brunner