Truth & Reconciliation in Alberta Psychology

2018-2022, the Psychologists’ Association of Alberta (PAA) and the College of Alberta Psychologists (CAP) formed a joint working group, sanctioned by both boards, to impact change in our province specific to realizing truth and reconciliation considerations relevant to our profession, to Indigenous psychologists who live and work in our communities, and to our clients. This was an important start for our journey.

For other videos in our Truth & Reconciliation series, visit the playlist on the PAA YouTube Channel. 


Wilma Spear Chief, R. Psychologist (AB); Loretta McConnell, R. Psychologist (AB); Janice Minoose, R. Psychologist (AB); Meagan Farquharson, R. Psychologist (AB); Karlee Fellner, R. Psychologist (AB); Dr. Deena Martin, R. Psychologist (AB); Judi Malone, R. Psych, PAA CEO; Richard Spelliscy, R. Psych, CAP CEO


The group sought to impact:

  1. Our Profession – so that we may take responsibility, current and future psychologists
  2. Our Clients – the people that we serve
  3. Every Indigenous person and Indigenous peoples in Alberta

This work included recommending practice guidelines, and challenging Alberta psychologists to increase their awareness and training. 

The group acknowledges the gravity of this work and its potential impact given the current and historical situation of Indigenous people in Canada and, more specifically, within the field of psychology.

Practice Standard

CAP established a Practice Standard and Guideline to inform psychological practice with Indigenous peoples

Ethics Exam

CAP added new content to the Law and Ethics for Alberta Psychology Exam


Added a new requirement for annual continuing professional development in Indigenous issues

PAA created a library of Educational Resources, including local, provincial, national, and international learning tools  

Piloted Land-Based Mental Health Training

What’s Next?

We will be working with Elders and PAA Community of Practice members to develop next steps in truth and reconciliation.

Initiatives include: 

  • Indigenous Role Models Series
  • Indigenous Speakers Series
  • Indigenous Futures Fund
  • Indigenizing Psychology Community of Practice (ongoing)
  • Indigenous Wisdom Council / Community (for Indigenous psychologists and psychologists-in-training