Effective Advocacy

Psychologists are the best advocates for their profession. Psychologists are uniquely trained health professionals. The expertise you can offer qualifies you amongst them to have a voice in the development of public policies.


Define the Situation Research and familiarize yourself with the topic. Talk to your association and peers. Review current Policies and timelines.


Develop an advocacy plan: What are the goals & objectives? Who are the audiences? What are the key messages? Identify officials and engage with the media. Contact PAA for education materials


Schedule a meeting, a phone call, or write a letter Be direct, Accurate, concise, and constructive Supply a fact sheet and statistics. Make a clear call to action.

How to Get Started

Psychologists have natural networks and spheres of influence for advocacy, with great potential to develop core relationships with key professionals.

Advocacy is not about competing with other professions. It is about focusing on the unique value, or niche “sells”, of psychology – we add value. We can, and do, make Alberta a psychologically healthy place to live.

To get started you only need an idea, a concern, or an issue that you feel passionate about. If you are willing to lend your voice to that idea, you are ready to start.

Unleash Your Potential

The time is always “now” for advocacy. Engaging grassroots lobbying initiatives are essential to success.
Stay focused on the purpose and keep your messages short and to the point. Your active participation is crucial.