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PAA Advocacy Initiatives

Knowledge and Solutions for our Unhoused Community Members:
Public Mental Health and Social Support
PAA’s mission is to advance the science-based profession of psychology and to promote the well-being and potential of all Albertans. Psychology can benefit services for unhoused community members by informing culturally competent program design, empirically supported, trauma-sensitive interventions, culturally competent training, relevant assessment and treatment, and advocacy around issues and policies associated with racial and socioeconomic injustice. Get all the facts.

Upholding Conversion Therapy Laws – PAA Advocating for the Wellness of All Albertans. The psychological health & wellness of Albertans is paramount. We advocate that Advertisements with illegal and clearly unsubstantiated information should not be allowed in public forums. PAA contacted Honourable Associate Minister Mike Ellis in regards to the public safety concern related to false advertisements and claims to professional titles. Get all the facts.

Lend your Voice to Truth and Reconciliation. Indigenous issues are social justice considerations. As psychologists, we are not impartial observers – we are participants and beneficiaries of systems that oppress Indigenous peoples. Effective allyship includes education, political action systems reform, and an overall cultural shift. PAA drafted an Advocacy Letter Template in June 2021.

PAA extends our support for the College of Psychologists of New Brunswick’s opposition to New Brunswick Bill 35. The CPNB opposes the Bill that would allow educators with a master’s degree to administer and interpret psychological cognitive assessment instruments and call for extensive psychological training for the individuals who administer these assessments and interpret the results. Read the PAA’s letter of support.

Schizophrenia Society of Alberta 04 March 2021 addressed a letter to premier Kenney from Alberta Alliance on Mental Health regarding the discontinuation of their funding in the spring of 2020. Prior to the termination of the funding, PAA was in active collaboration with the Alliance. PAA and many other organizations endorsed the letter to the premier, and you can read the Joint Letter to the Premier.

Alberta Mental Health & Addictions Council 08 & 09 June 2020, PAA participated in the MENTAL HEALTH AND ADDICTIONS ADVISORY COUNCIL  – STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT. Please note that these were live participatory focus group inputs – time was limited to two days with limited ability to consult members. Our input is based on:

  • PAA position statements
  • Previous PAA policy briefs
  • APA statements and fact sheets
  • CPA statements and fact sheets

The goal was to ensure that the science and practice of psychology was best represented in this focus group and to this council. Here are PAA’s advocacy Responses to the questions asked:

  1. Building the Recovery-Oriented Systems of Care
  2. Building the Recovery-Oriented Communities of Care 
  3. Supporting that relationship 
  4. Recovery capital enhancement
  5. Indigenous ways of knowing